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Happily Ever After This Christmas

This Christmas, can she finally leave the past behind?

Each year, creating the magical Christmas display at Johnson’s Independent Bookstore gets Kayleigh Johnson through the holidays. Staying busy to the point of exhaustion, she avoids the harsh reality that she is spending another Christmas alone. But when an inspector from the local council arrives late one snowy afternoon, her carefully controlled world is turned upside down once more.

Jo Pearmain is determined to do things by the book. Being a health and safety officer is hardly her dream job, but it’s one she needs to keep. Little does she know that as she closes down the bookstore Christmas display, she is destroying the small sliver of hope and happiness Kayleigh has left.

When she realises what she’s done, Jo’s determined to put it right, but Kayleigh is slow to forgive. The harder she works to fix things, the further Kayleigh pushes her away.

Can Jo convince Kayleigh they must work together to save Christmas for the village? And if she can, they might even save each other…

Happily Ever After This Christmas is a heartwarming romance about overcoming adversity and rediscovering the miracle of Christmas.

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With a darker thread running through them, these standalone romances feature women with secrets, troubled pasts and, more often than not, a weakness for bad girls.

Tapas and Tangelos

Hayley Jones has made peace with the fact she’ll always be alone. Instead of pining for love, she dedicates her time to running a locals bar in a quiet little Spanish town. Over the course of a decade, she has finally found a place to call home.

The night Kate Lanthorn arrives at the newly opened backpacker’s hostel, Hayley’s world is turned upside down. The attraction between them is immediate and intense. At Kate’s touch, the rules Hayley has made to protect herself are broken. For just one night, she allows herself to be the person she could have been in a different life.

Hayley insists it can never be more than a one night stand. A mistake they shouldn’t repeat, no matter how hard Kate tries to convince her otherwise. Hayley knows she should walk away. Even being ‘just friends’ is too dangerous. But her head and her heart aren’t playing the same game. The resolve she finds when she is alone in the darkness always dissolves when Kate walks through the door.

The more Kate pushes Hayley to venture out from the security of the bar, the closer she comes to discovering the reasons why Hayley left England years ago and refuses to return.

Will Hayley find the strength to walk away before it’s too late? Or will her past finally come back to haunt her and destroy everything she’s fought so hard for?

Tapas and Tangelos is a lesbian romance set in the heat and sunshine of Spain. A sizzling summer beach read filled with desire and intrigue.

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Dirty Little War

In the dark heart of the city, a dirty little war is about to beginDLW thumbnail

Evie Baedeker knows her place in the world. Born into a life of organised crime in the gritty East End of London, she has endured nothing but hardship and disappointment. Then one night, in a sleazy
bar, fate sends a dangerous opportunity her way.

Carmen Trogan, daughter and heir apparent to a rival business, has no idea who Evie is when their eyes meet across the dance floor. But Evie knows all about her. The chance to bring the rich and beautiful woman to her knees – both figuratively and literally – is too good to pass up.

Sparks fly from their first kiss, but Evie is playing a dangerous game. There are consequences that come with spending the night with a woman like Carmen.

Will she be able to walk away from the best night of her life, or will she risk it all to see Carmen one more time?

Dirty Little War is a lesbian romance that crosses class and cultural divides.

“so well written that it was almost like I was ‘watching’ the story rather than reading it” – Planet Nation

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 The Teddie McKay Series

Crime thrillers set in Portland, Maine, featuring lesbian detective Teddie McKay

The Crochet Killer

Crochet Killer Cover

He likes to make women smile.
For eternity.

Returning from her Caribbean vacation to the discovery of the fourth victim, Detective Teddie McKay knows she has to break the Crochet Killer case or lose it to someone else.

The serial killer is always one step ahead, leaving a trail of mutilated women in his wake. Even the hot-shot forensic investigator shipped in from out of state hasn’t produced a solid lead. The local media are turning her failures into a witch hunt and soon the national press will be gunning for her too. The pressure begins to mount and Teddie’s frustration reaches boiling point.

When her ex, TV reporter Tammy Johnson, re-enters her life to cover the story, Teddie has to juggle her feelings with her career. Not for the first time, she fears if someone makes the connection it will be the final nail in the coffin for her credibility.

As the clock ticks down towards victim number five, Teddie knows she has to do something radical to solve the case. But is she prepared to risk her own life and those around her to lure a psychopath out into the open?

The Crochet Killer is the first in a crime series introducing lesbian Detective Teddie McKay.

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A Taste To Die For

A Taste To Die For

The aftermath of The Crochet Killer case is starting to fade and life is returning to normal for Detective Teddie McKay. Hell, it’s almost starting to feel enjoyable. The late summer heat is lingering and the hottest new reality TV show has come to town. With the chaos it brings, Teddie is looking forward to pulling in some easy overtime as a glorified beat cop.

But 15 minutes of fame comes with a price. When the show’s most famous contestant is found dead in suspicious circumstances, Teddie is the first on scene. The production team closes ranks, determined to protect their image and keep their advertising revenue. With only a few of contestants tipped to take the top prize and instant stardom, could one of them be ruthless enough to kill for it?

Teddie finds herself once again heading up a high profile case, where sex, politics and celebrity become entangled. Stonewalled, she has to swallow her pride and call in favors from friends in high places.

This time she’s trying to keep her personal life out of the spotlight too, but as Portland’s most famous lesbian cop, it seems like other people have a different idea…

A Taste To Die For is the second book in the Teddie McKay crime series.

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